Prof.Dr. Galip Cansever 

Dr. Galip Cansever is  an Professor of Control and Automation Department at Yildiz Technical University. He is a member of the IEEE. He is  the board member of Technopark of YTU. He received the B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from  Istanbul National Engineering and Architecture Academy(Istanbul, Turkey) in 1976, the MSc degree in Electrical Engineering from the  Istanbul National Engineering and Architecture Academy in 1978 and the Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from the Yildiz University in 1984. He was Research Scientist at the Salford University, UK and Twente Technical University, Holland. During,  April 1979 - May 1985,  He  was the Research & Teaching Assistant position in  Yildiz  University, Department of Electrical Engineering, Division of Electrical Machines. During 1987-1990, he was the Assistant Professor Position in Yildiz University at Electrical Engineering Department, Division of Electrical  Machines.  Between  1990 -1996 years,  he  served  as  an  Associate Professor  at the Same University and Department. During November 1996- May 2010, Dr. Cansever was the Full Professor position at Department of Electrical Engineering in Yildiz Technical University. He has been working in Control and Automation Engineering Department at Yildiz Technical University since May 2010. He served for six years and six months as a Dean of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Faculty. He is currently a member of IFAC Technical Committee on Human Machine Systems, Networked Systems and Biological and Medical Systems. He served as an CTS 2016 Technical Associate Editor for 14th IFAC Symposium on Control in Transportation Systems which will take place in Istanbul, Turkey in May 2016.

General research interests of Galip Cansever are Fuzzy Logic Control, The Control of Discrete Event Systems, Smart Grids, General Control Systems, Sliding Mode Control, Automation Systems, Industrial Networks, Intelligent Control. His particular focuses are Advanced Automation based Adaptive Intelligent Power Systems, Fuzzy Logic Control based State Space Control Systems for Linear and  Nonlinear Systems.

In addition to teaching graduate courses on Fuzzy Logic Control,  Discrete  Event  Systems,   Control  and etc.,  Galip  Cansever  has regularly  taught  undergraduate courses on Automatic Control, Design of Control Systems, Industrial Automation Systems, Digital Electronics, Microprocessors, in Yildiz Technical University


Prof. Dr. Galip Cansever
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